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    by lifts-admin on 9th October 2013


    We have on occasion found autodiallers inoperative which can be due to the telephone line or the unit itself. The problem with autodiallers is that until tested, it is never known when they or the BT line have failed. This can impact on entrapments. Our engineers do test them on planned maintenance visits but they can fail in between servicing.

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    by lifts-admin on 9th October 2013

    We gain maintenance contract at London Borough Of Enfield

    The London Borough of Enfield has awarded Amalgamated Lifts with a 2 year maintenance contract. The comprehensive contract will require monthly planned maintenance visits carried out across the Passengers, Goods and Disabled Lifts.

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    by lifts-admin on 5th August 2013

    Essential maintenance upgrades at the V&A

    Amalgamated Lifts were awarded the repairs contract by consultants Dunbar and Boardman on behalf of Cofely UK in February. The 7 week project saw the upgrade of 15 hydraulic passenger lifts within the museum. The shaft lighting, pit ladder, emergency communication and machine guarding were all upgraded. Two main hoisting machines were also completely replaced.

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