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by lifts-admin on 25th August 2015 in Installation, Modernisation, News

CBRE Triplex Lift Refurbishment

The 12 week project saw the 9 floor Triplex Lifts get new TFT clear view indicators, new control panel with an Absolute Shaft Encoder (ABS), re-skinned lift car walls, new landing doors and an integrated card swipe system incorporated into the control panel. The card swipe system being an excellent security precaution.

The new control system is ideal for busy buildings, offering the following advantages;

  • During rush hour usage the average landing wait time for a lift after the button is pressed, is 13.6 seconds.
  • Speeds of 1.55m/s are achieved via the direct floor drive system. The ABS encoder gives direct into floor thus reducing journey time by 3-4 seconds each time the lift stops.
  • Allows for floor levels to be adjusted in increments of 0.2mm and be commissioned easily within half an hour, compared to a conventional Tape Head which would take half a day.
  • Silent travel between floors.

If you would like further information on the Control and ABS Encoder systems or have general refurbishment requirements please contact Paul Burrows, Repair Operations Manager.

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