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by lifts-admin on 5th August 2013 in Modernisation, Works

Essential maintenance upgrades at the V&A

Amalgamated Lifts were awarded the repairs contract by consultants Dunbar and Boardman on behalf of Cofely UK in February. The 7 week project saw the upgrade of 15 hydraulic passenger lifts within the museum. The shaft lighting, pit ladder, emergency communication and machine guarding were all upgraded. Two main hoisting machines were also completely replaced.

AL had many factors to consider at the beginning of the project; these included keeping disruption to a minimum in a fully functional museum, and transporting old and new equipment to and from the motor room. The equipment had to be raised and lowered through the lift shaft, while a passenger lift was suspended on the 2nd floor. The old Express belt driven machine was dismantled and lowered through the lift shaft, exited at the second floor and transported to the basement by another lift. Risk assessments were carried out before the works began to ensure the old and new equipment were transported safely and efficiently.

Amalgamated Lifts have been maintaining all 24 Lifts at the Victoria & Albert Museum since 2010, along with 3 Lifts at Victoria & Albert’s Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood.


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