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Our New Lifts Team have extensive experience in delivering large and complex projects, assisting clients with complex lift refurbishment schemes and new Lift Installation design to maximise a buildings potential with regard to traffic load and movement.

We can offer a variety of solutions to suit your exacting requirements which include and not limited to hydraulic, traction and MRL Gearless solutions in the following configurations;

  • Bespoke Solutions – We offer a 100% bespoke design service across our lift range. Previous projects include circular tube lifts and 4m high lift cars.
  • Modernisations – A popular choice for existing buildings. We are an independent company with no links to a particular supplier. We can modernise with equipment specified 100% by the client.
  • Passenger Lifts – Our range of passenger lifts is comprehensive and flexible and fully compliant to EN81-70, EN81-20/50 and Part M.
  • Residential Lifts – Residential lifts often require unique finishes. Our bespoke design solution allows you the client to define how the lift will look.
  • Goods Lifts – Be it for a retail or industrial project we can offer heavy-duty goods lifts for buildings with specialist requirements.
  • Car Lifts – Our car lifts are available in numerous configurations some with reduced pit and headroom options.
  • Machine Direction Solutions – Boasting reduced pit and headroom dimensions, a machine directive solution is the perfect match for existing buildings.
  • Shabbat Lifts – We offer fully compatible Shabbat platform and passenger lifts.
  • Drum Drive Lifts – Offering a larger lift car in typically small lift shafts, this can often be the ideal solution.
  • Scenic Lifts – A popular choice for Commercial and Luxury Residential buildings.
  • Structures – We offer a range of internal and external lift structures.
  • i. MRL Traction and Hydraulic Lifts – We offer a full range of machine roomless lifts in a hydraulic or traction configuration.
  • ii. Penthouse Lifts – We can supply a bespoke solution to raise an existing lift to an additional floor.
  • iii. Round Guides – We have a modernisation solution for round guide lift installations.
  • iv. Kone Monospace and Schindler Smart MRL – we are able to offer a part modernisation kit for existing installations.
  • v. Escalators and moving walks – we maintain and modernise units across our service portfolio.
  • vi. High Rise – we supply and maintain group systems with conventional control technology and Hall Call destination control technology.
  • Vii. Disabled access solutions – we have an extensive range of access solutions for new and existing lift shafts.
  • Viii. Dumbwaiters – our service lifts are installed with minimal disruption.


Throughout the project, our teams work alongside you to ensure the end result desired is achieved.
From the original specification, right- through design to installation we are client focused and carry out all necessary Health and Safety inspections, attend all client meetings, provide full O&M manuals and carry out onsite training.


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