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by lifts-admin on 29th March 2017 in Installation, Modernisation, News

Triplex Lift Refurbishment

The 24 week project saw the 10 floor triplex lifts get new TFT clear view indicators, new control panels, new floor selectors and cosmetic relines of the lift cars. These works were completed to a precise schedule, over a three phase period to ensure the building always had an accessible lift and disruption was minimal. 

Our upgrades mean the lift now has the following features;

• When the car is filled over 90% of contract load, the lift will not answer calls until the load in the car is reduced.

• 1.6 m/s fully fitted A3 devices with bi-directional safety gears.

• Emergency communication with motor room to car, car top and lift pit intercom.

By utilising the existing controller cabinets and trunking, we were able to reduce our waste materials and complete the works in a much quicker manner.

Contact Paul Burrows, Repairs Operations Manager paul@al-lifts.co.uk for further information on the project.


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